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Troubleshooting the VMS2000

Sensor Test Failed:
1. Make sure the geophone is level.
2. Make sure the geophone cable is plugged into the correct connector.
3. Shake the geophone to free up a stuck sensor magnet.
4. Check the connector pins for damage.

No Display on LCD:
1. Battery voltage may be low. Recharge VMS-2000 back to its proper operating voltage (6.0v or better) and turn the power switch on again.

Won’t Enter Monitoring Mode:
1. Check to see if number of events stored is not at its maximum value. Download and erase the stored events.

Clock is stopped:
1. Using Seisware, Send time and date to device.

Microphone Not Recording Correctly:
1. Make sure the mic cable is plugged into the proper connector.
2. If false triggering, the wind may be causing it to trigger.
Try a higher trigger level or trigger on GEOPHONE only (recommended).

To use Seisware:
1. Change connection settings to the COM port the seismograph is plugged into the computer on.

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