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VMS-4000 Debug Software – EXE Download

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SeisWare’s integrated functions include:

  • VMS-2000/VMS-4000 configuration and control
  • Compatibility with current PC Windows Operating Systems
  • High Resolution printing on most printers
  • Seismographs log keeping
  • Binary to ASCII data conversion
  • In-depth data analysis
  • One Page Report puts all pertinent information on one sheet for easy review
  • Print all Waveforms on one sheet or individually
  • ZOOM feature for detailed waveform analysis
  • USBM/OSM/DIN Analysis

The SeisWare software provides a complete peak motion analysis including:

  • Peak Particle velocity and frequency
  • Acceleration
  • Peak vector sum
  • Peak sound level
  • Displacement at the peak for each of the three seismic channels
  • Visual Analysis capabilities include waveform display with scroll, zoom and time referencing. Analytical capabilities provide for both OSM Alternative Criteria Analysis and Fourier Analysis.


  • One Page Report! Condensed vibration report puts all pertinent information on one sheet for easy review.
  • Print all waveforms on one sheet or individually.
  • Menu driven, minimal computer knowledge required.
  • OSM viewable on screen as well as in printed format.
  • FFT (Fast Fourier Transfer) displayed on screen for review and also printable.
  • Allows you to enter 7 lines, 45 characters each line of blast information such as location, operator, notes, etc. Each header can be changed to meet the needs of your application.
  • Use SeisWare to setup the VMS-2000/VMS-4000 seismograph. Set things such as geophone and microphone trigger levels. It makes setup in the field much easier.
  • SeisWare allows you to download and view waveforms recorded by the VMS-2000 or VMS-4000. Waveforms such as MICROPHONE, TRANSVERSE, VERTICAL, and RADIAL are now easy to look at. The ZOOM feature allows you to view a particular section up close. Click on and move the waveform to a point of interest. SeisWare will give you the values of the waveform at that point. It’s that easy!
  • Information is saved on disk for permanent storage.
  • Move the waveform to a starting point and a FFT is performed for the following one second interval. This is also added to the full report when printed.
  • OSM is displayed on screen and is printed out in the condensed report or by itself.
  • On line Help system guides you through SeisWare operations.
  • Sensor test waveforms are added to your report to ensure proper operating system.
  • Easy to install and operate.

Minimum System Requirements:
1 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit CPU, 2 GBytes RAM, 20 GByte hard disk space, USB, Windows 7 or greater.


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