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VMS-200s Software – EXE Download


Out of production software for the depricated VMS-100s Seismograph.






  • One Page Report! Condensed vibration report puts all pertinent information on one sheet for easy review.
  • Compatible with V100S data files! Input your old V100S files into WIN200S software for the ultimate in analytical tools.
  • Print all waveforms on one sheet or individually.
  • Menu driven, minimal computer knowledge required.
  • OSM viewable on screen as well as in printed format.
  • FFT (Fast Fourier Transfer) displayed on screen for review and also printable.
  • Allows you to enter 7 lines, 45 characters each line of blast information such as location, operator, notes, etc. Each header can be changed to meet the needs of your application.
  • Use WIN200S to setup the VMS200S seismograph. Set things such as geophone and microphone trigger levels. It makes setup in the field much easier.
  • WIN200S allows you to download and view waveforms recorded by the VMS200S or 100S. Waveforms such as MICROPHONE, TRANSVERSE, VERTICAL, and RADIAL are now easy to look at. The ZOOM feature allows you to view a particular section up close.
  • Click on and move the waveform to a point of interest. WIN200S will give you the values of the waveform at that point. It’s that easy!
  • Information is saved on disk for permanent storage.
  • Move the waveform to a starting point and a FFT is performed for the following one second interval. This is also added to the full report when printed.
  • OSM is displayed on screen and is printed out in the condensed report or by itself.
  • On line Help system guides you through WIN200S operations.
  • Sensor test waveforms are added to your report to ensure proper operating system.
  • Easy to install and operate.

Minimum System Requirements:

-386 computer or higher, 4mb RAM, color VGA Monitor, Serial Port, Windows 3.1 or greater.

Recommended System:

486 Computer, 8MB RAM, Color VGA, Serial Port, WIN 95


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